Best Shooting Gifts For Him

Best Shooting Gifts For Him

Choosing perfect gifts for shooting enthusiasts can be daunting if you aren’t familiar with the kit required.

Safety and comfort are paramount in the field, but at Cordings we believe that these essential ingredients can always be combined with craftsmanship and style.

Offering the best shooting gifts for the special man in your life, whether it’s for your father, your husband, son or friend. This article explores our most popular choices for presents for guns and shooting enthusiasts – tried, tested and guaranteed to be well received.

Shooting Accessories

There are some shooting accessories that are essential for an enjoyable day on the peg, providing warmth and protection in style. Here are out top 8 picks for gifts that will be a welcome addition to any gun.

Shooting Stockings

Shooting stockings: an inexpensive and practical gift.

Probably the easiest gift – inexpensive and supremely useful, the Cordings collection of shooting stockings range from simple plain ribbed versions to intricately knitted versions. All made in Britain using merino or lambswool, they are practical, handsome and built to last. Team with a contrasting garter to complete the look.

Shooting Gloves

Another must-have item for shooting: Gloves. Hands that get cold become less responsive, not to mention uncomfortable. Our leather repeater gloves are beautifully crafted in England, lined with silk for warmth and have the essential turn back end on the trigger finger. They make a thoughtful, uniquely practical gift.

Available in brown and green, essential kit

Tweed cap

Headwear, like our quality tweed flat caps, is essential on a shoot, for safety, but also, quite often for protection against the elements. The Garforth cap with its neat brim does the job perfectly. In a range of tweeds, moleskin or corduroy, choose a brown or green hue to ensure the wearer blends with their surroundings; it is the one time you don’t want to make a bold statement.

The Garforth cap – neat and practical, available in a range of tweeds.

Cartridge Bag

Having a robust cartridge bag that can be opened wide for easy access to cartridges on a shoot is essential. Some guns like to fill their cartridge pockets full before each drive, and our House Check cartridge bag, slung across your body will do the job perfectly without weighing your field coat down, which causes restricted movement. Made in Cumbria and finished in leather it is the most handsome bag around, the house check tweed is also available in a number of other pieces, including caps, flask and breeks which gives you the opportunity to add to their collection over time.

The House Check Cartridge Bag


Flasks definitely, fall into the ‘nice to have’ category, but taking a welcome nip from their monarch of glen pewter flask on a cold winter morning will make the recipient think very warmly of the giver!

Flasks add a welcome warmth to a cold winters shoot.

Shooting Ties and Hanks

On smarter shoots, it is good form to wear a silk shooting tie, Cording’s range of pure silk printed or woven designs are perfect.

British Made – The Flock Of Birds Tie – perfect for the peg.

Shooting Clothing

Our men’s shooting clothing is both practical and effortlessly smart, crafted from the finest British tweed. Here’s a list of our most popular men’s field clothing pieces, which are best teamed with our field accessories.

Check tattersall shooting shirt, Plus Twos shooting breeks and Schoffel Oakham gilet
Tattersall shirts, plus twos and the Schoffel Oakham gilet, perfect gifts for wearing on a peg.

Shooting Breeks

Plus Twos and Plus Fours shooting breeks are incredibly practical. Trousers tucked in wellingtons are uncomfortable and full-length trousers with short boots are in danger of becoming waterlogged. Whether you go for plus twos (2” below the knee) or plus fours (4” below) is a matter of choice. If you are unsure, choose plus twos breeks.

The Schoffel Oakham Fleece

Our schoffel fleece is a ubiquitous garment, a great way to add a layer of warmth to their outfit, and can be worn on any number of other occasions, it comes in a great variety of shades, but again if you are buying it to be worn in the field, choose a neutral tone. Another versatile garment great in the field, and also day to day wear is, of course, a lambswool pullover.

Tattersall Shirts

Our tattersall shirts make the best gifts for men as they are versatile and can be worn on various occasions, but on the peg, they really shine. Designed to give the wearer room to move, with tails that stay tucked in, and available in an exceptional range of patterns and colours. Cording’s shirts are rightly lauded as THE quintessential country shirt.

If you are still stuck for ideas, why not give Natalia or Catherine, our customer service team a ring on 0207 7584122, who would be very happy to advise you. Otherwise browse our full range of gifts for him.

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